17. Spieltag: SF Johannisthal – FSV Hansa 07 3:2 (2:0)

*The Hansa ladies display a strong spirit in the face of the league table leader.*

Perfect soccer weather. After a slight mishap with missing jerseys, the Hansa ladies get out onto the field to warm up. Today’s strategy: concentrate on a strong defense and keep passes short and on the ground. Johannisthal may be the table leader, but Hansa is not to be underestimated.

The game starts relatively calm. Johannisthal slowly gains the upper hand through quick pass combinations and a strong midfield which continually sends passes deep into Hansa’s defensive line. The defense manages to hold them back until the 14th minute: on the right edge of the penalty box, a Johannisthal forward passes an uncontrolled ball back to her teammate in the center to score for 1:0. Hansa is not discouraged and begins to work harder in the offensive.

In the 26th minute after a foul on Pracht, Behre arcs a free kick into the penalty box which is kicked out of bounds by Johannisthal. The resulting corner kick soars gloriously through the air directly in front of the goal untouched by either team. Undaunted, Hansa continues to put the vulnerable Johannisthal defense to the test. However, in minute 36, the ball finds itself once again careening in the direction of the Hansa goal and is deflected by goalie Keese only to be shot back in for the unlucky 2:0 seconds later.

Hansa rallies and presses forward. In the 43rd minute these efforts are rewarded when Pracht receives a long pass from Behre and stops the ball at the edge of the penalty box, unfazed by the Johannisthal defender and goalie who have rushed out to greet her. She volleys the ball over their heads directly into the right corner of the net for the well-deserved 2:1. It is clear that this is still anyone’s game.


Hansa is hungry for more and changes the line up: Winterstein comes into the defense, Messow moves up to central midfield and Weis to left forward. In minute 55, Messow gains control of the ball in Hansa’s penalty zone, passes to Drouin who plays a long ball up to Pracht. Pracht lays a short pass sideways to Hansa debutant Schuster who is blocked just 7m in front of the opponent’s goal. In a counter attack a minute later, Johannisthal scores for 3:1.

With little more than a shrug, the Hansa ladies pull together and up the pressure on Johannisthal. To mix things up, Behre and Weis switch positions. In the 75th minute, Behre breaks through the Johannisthal defense on the left and sends a pass to Schuster in the penalty box. She quickly maneuvers past an opponent and shoots for 3:2 and her first Hansa goal! After this point, Johannisthal grows increasingly nervous, afraid of being burned by the Hansa Fuego which now heats up the game.

A third goal for Hansa dances tantalizingly close in the air and the chance comes in minute 83: Pracht receives a long pass and runs alone towards the goal, only to be thwarted in the last second by the goalie who runs out and barricades Pracht’s path. Hansa is unable to convert the live ball left on the ground and a few uneventful minutes later the game ends.

Hansa’s constant teamwork and unwillingness to give up made for a great game, no matter what the numbers say.

Line up: Keese, Weis, Messow, Kaapcke, Möhring, Behre, Drouin, Grein ( 46. Winterstein ), Vogel ( 46. Seyfarth ), Pracht ( 85. Ahlrichs ), Schuster

Goals: 1:0 SFJ ( 14.), 2:0 SFJ ( 36. ), 2.:1 Pracht ( 43. ), 3:1 SFJ ( 57. ), 3:2 Schuster ( 75. )

Player of the Game: Johanna M. for her strong defensive play and tireless runs on the right side.

(Lauren K.)



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  1. York sagt:

    Kompliment ans Team! Sonntag geht’s weiter: 10.00 Uhr FSV Hansa 07 vs Adler II

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