Hansa 07 pre-season preparations were finally put to the test with a hard-fought, yet entertaining 2-0 win for the home side.

The guests started the game very lively, giving the home team little time to get acquainted to one another. They opted for quick passing play in search of that one pass over the defensive back four deputized by Borchert and Vissers in the center, supported by Rauch at right back and Beier on the opposite side. There were some nervy moments at first in the box of the home team. Most notably attempted clearance from Selk, which was not rightly met, and an open goal for the Rixdorfer to capitalize on. Luckily the ball was finally cleared from danger, and Hansa could regroup. This was a wake up call for Hansa, and this is when things started clicking together.

Wichmann, captaining the team, finally took the game by the scruff the neck and let his metronomic passing dictate the style and the tempo of the game. Allowing superb interplay between Strzoda and himself on the right flank culminating in a fine Leclaire scissor-esque volley into the Rixdorfer goal.

After having broken the deadlock, the game opened up with more opportunities sent out on the Rixdorfer goal. Most notably the attempted shot from the Austrian sensation Rauch, 25 meters out after some excellent combination play between Strzoda and Bektas; drifting/trickling/rolling harmlessly wide from the goal for a goal kick.

Leclaire’s second attempt curled an effort comfortably wide from the edge of the area. More players tried their luck from distance, unfortunately leaving the goalkeeper untested in many occasions. Borchert, the newly promoted freekick specialist, had his attempt pushed wide by the goalkeeper.

After the interval, Kopociński and Yildrim were introduced at the expense of the impressive and very strong defensive midfield positioned Jascke and creative Bektas.

Both substitutes took a bit of time to have impact on play, and the tempo was clearly too high to begin with. Plenty of passes went astray, and forward runs were not rewarded. Resulting in a tiny cloud of frustration.  (Substitution: Vissers out; Möller in).

As time ticked on, Rixdorf’s legs got heavier. Opening the game up once again for Hansa to work on. However, more and more chances went astray or were cleared in the last second.

Rixdorf gave it all they had, and were almost compensated with a finely worked counter-attack, only to be denied by the hard working Kischlat (still don’t know your last name) clearing at the back post.

With less than ten minutes of the second period remaining, the Hansa combination of midfield and forward duo combined in delightful fashion as Wichmann released Yildrim with a well placed through pass behind the defensive backline; leaving the striker acres of space and plenty of time to place his shot past the oncoming goalkeeper.

The score ended 2-0 for the home side.

The win was invaluable game-time for all Hansa’s “senior players” and new stars. We can see the effects of the pre-season workout and training sessions slowly paying off. Let us see how this story will end…


Aufstellung: R. Selk – Beier, Vissers (70.Möller), Borchert, Rauch – Kischlat, Jaschke (46. Kopociński), Wichmann, Strzoda – M. Bektas (46. Y. Yildirim), Leclaire.

Tore: 1:0 Leclaire (33., Rechtsschuss, Wichmann), 2:0 Y. Yildirim (82., Rechtsschuss, Wichmann).

Karten: Jaschke, Kopociński (beide gelb)


Author: Eric Vissers



11 Responses to When I move, you move. Just like that…

  1. christian sagt:

    „The Austrian Sensation“ 🙂

    Danke für die schönen Zeilen, Erich!

  2. Axel Bartsch sagt:

    wow, hansa goes international, chapeau!

  3. The Austrian Sensation sagt:

    Danke Erich!

  4. Lars sagt:

    Wir fahren, wir fahren

    – nein – wir bleiben in Berlin! Gratz!

  5. McBaib sagt:

    McBain says: it was a pleasure, kicking with you!

  6. Henrik sagt:

    Da muss ein Creativ- Director am Werk sein.. Danke Erich!

    Ich wollte aber auch noch fix anmerken, dass es ein richtig faires und gut zu spielendes Spiel war. Der Captain aus Rixdorf hatte mir vor dem Spiel extra noch mal gesagt, dass sich die Mannschaft sehr verändert hat und auf Fairness großen Wert legt. Finde ich richtig gut!

  7. christian sagt:

    jo, sah auch von außen recht fair aus, so gehört sich das! wobei jesko nach 15 minuten 3 fouls mehr hatte als ganz rixdorf. :p

  8. Eric sagt:

    yeah, aber das ist Jesko. das kann man leider nicht ändern, und das soll man auch nicht ändern, sonst gibt’s kein IRIE IRIE bei Hansa.

  9. Toni sagt:

    best headline ever!

  10. Lech Wałęsa sagt:

    Zrozumiano? Hansa!

  11. Hoffel sagt:

    Auch wenn es bereits gesagt wurde: Europapokal!

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