I don’t like Sundays…Tell me why!

18. Spieltag: FSV Hansa 07 – 1. FC Schöneberg 0:5 (0:1)

I’ll tell you why…

But before I start ranting on all that went wrong on that day. Let me first list out a few facts about the opponent: 1. FC Schöneberg. The team has been on an amazing unbeaten run; boasting of 14 wins, 2 draws and holds a goal difference of 45 goals scored. Quite intimidating.  However there is one minor detail that has been left out. Before this titan run of 1. FC Schöneberg actually took off; the team witnessed a horrendous defeat at home that happened at their first outing to Hansa 07.

Now the ranting starts.  The fact that Hansa 07 actually beat the current league leaders before should have been enough motivation to turn up the heat on 1. FC Schöneberg, and send them home packing without the 3 points.  Unfortunately, this was not the case. From the 11 players selected to represent Hansa 07 and get the win, only 4 players really turned up and fought for the whole 90 minutes. Quite sad actually, because there was so much quality and potential in the team that it would have been stupid to bet against Hansa 07 to not get the win.  From the starting whistle, the guests set the tone. With their robust and direct approach, they bullied Hansa 07 all over the place, beginning from their offensive line and ending at their defensive line. Their first real attempt led to their first goal. A corner kick hovered over the goalkeeper to the back post and put back across into the danger area via the post and into the net. Hansa 07 increased their tempo of passing play allowing them to increase their ball possession over the guests. Hansa 07 managed to create some half hearted chanced, but nothing really on target unfortunately. The score stayed at 0-1 till half time.

During the half time talk, there was a sense of disappointment lingering in the air. But the trainer made it clear that he was seeing positives in the last 15 minutes of the first half and that we should continue that momentum, because he noticed the opponent tiring.  The second half started promising. The game took place in the midfield and things were looking good for Hansa 07. After 70 minutes of game time, a freak 10 minutes took its toll, and it seemed the sky was falling on Hansa 07. 1. FC Schöneberg started playing deeper, waiting for Hansa 07 to take the bait (which we foolishly did), and opted to play the long ball forward to their robust strikers. During this period 1. FC Schöneberg scored four second half goals in quick succession. The first out of the four goals, came from outside the box, a shot that could have been avoided had the player been shut down way earlier. The second, third, and fourth are not even worth mentioning. Mistakes, tired legs, and naivety led to the self-destruction. (To be honest, the more I think of the match, the less I want to continue writing this match report. This shit’s just depressing)

So, to cut it short; Hansa 07 will need to get back in to the groove of winning games. Starting with the next opponent RW 90 Hellersdorf II.

Line up:
Gökhan – Felix B. , Jesko, Ender, Eric – Nils, Henrik, Muhammet, Micky – Yusuf, Fred. Subs: Akgün, Felix E. , Yasar

Men of the Match:
Jesko – For his never-say-die attitude against his robust opponent, and the brave last ditch tackle to prevent the 0-2 in the first half. Unfortunately missed for the second half due to a shoulder injury.
Nils – The runs he kept making 90 minutes long, trying new ideas but not getting the service he deserved.
Fred – Only recently made his comeback, hardly any minutes played this season, lasting the 90 minutes fighting and making some of us look like being out of them game longer than he has.
Henrik – The Hansa 07 captain who kept fighting and shouldering all the weight and concentration of those players who weren’t fully present on the field.

p.s. Thanks to the supporters for showing up.