Movin’ on up

18. Spieltag: FSV Hansa 07 – SV Adler II 1:0 (0:0)

Just another perfect Sunday to play Hansa soccer in ye ol’ Wrangelritze. >From the outset it was sure to be a good match as the Hansa ladies were going up against the team directly above them in the table. Hansa wanted to move up to 6th place and Adler wanted to prevent just that.

The excitement unfolded as follows:
Hansa starts strong in the offensive and after just 4 minutes Drouin receives a pass from Messow and flanks it to Weis in the goal box. The resulting shot is unfortunately deflected by an Adler defender. It is not going to be quite that easy.
Adler wakes up and begins to work more up front. The Adler ladies have a strong midfield whose clever ball control and double passes continually probe the Hansa defensive line for weak points. However, the fantastic 4 hold together and do their best to get the ball back under Hansa’s control.

And it works. In the 16th minute, Weis plays a long ball up to Alice who shoots and . . . the goalie catches the ball. For the next half an hour, the ball switches possession often and neither team clearly dominates. It is again Drouin in the 41st minute who provides the assist to Alrichs. Her shot on the Adler goal is defended. Alrichs gets another chance shortly after when she receives and extended ball from goalie Keese. Alrichs runs alone towards the goal and shoots just a few meters out and . . . the goalie catches the ball once again. Halftime.
Hansa is playing well, but in order to win the game they will need to play tighter in the midfield and more consistently stop Adler from gaining ball possession.

Adler pressures Hansa and after only a few minutes there have been two distant shots on the Hansa goal. Hansa counters and in the 53rd minute, Ahlrichs and the Adler goalie face each other one on one once again. The goalie sees the shot coming and catches it.
Hansa brings fresh players into the game. Nase comes into right forward and Vogel for left. Drouin falls back to defensive midfield.
In the 60th minute there are a series of Hansa throw-ins on the left side. Eventually, Pracht receives the ball and passes to Nase who turns and shoots directly from the left side of the goal box. The Adler goalie is there with her sticky fingers again and catches the ball. After two more shots each being deflected, it is finally Messow who receives the ball on the right and places her shot where the Adler goalie can’t reach:1:0 for Hansa!
Adler picks up the pace and begins to play a bit more aggressive, eager for the tie. The Hansa defense stands strong and goalie Keese defends any undefended shots.

In the 80th minute an Adler forward breaks through the defense, but Keese stands her ground and wins the one to one.
In the last 15 minutes, there are various pauses in the game for small fouls or injuries as both teams fight for dominance. In minute 87, Kaapcke, overtaken by Hansa fuego, badly fouls an Adler midfield player and justly receives a yellow card. Thankfully, the game is over just a few minutes later.

Goals: 1:0 Messow ( 60. )

Player of the Game: Betti Keese, who for the second game in a row played excellent in the goal and provided a sure support for the team with her presence at the edge of the penalty box.

Line up: Keese – Trzewick, Kanter, Kaapcke, Feldt ( 83. Winterstein ) – Weis, Vogel ( 84. Grein ), Messow, Ahlrichs ( 53. Nase ), Drouin – Pracht

(Authress: Lauren K.)