There is no “I” in Team …

11.Spieltag: FSV Hansa 07 – FC Treptow 4:2 (3:1)

There are shitty days and there are days that leave you wonder and realize the beautiful things about Sunday football, things that should really not be taken for granted. The number of fans at the Wrangel was great; loud in every aspect, the weather was cool but the sun made sure that the temperature was just not cold enough for the players to say; “Shit, it’s cold.”

The way the men from Hansa 07’s first team played, was 2/3 of the times decent and as a solid team unit. The passing got on really well, the tempo was at times right, and the pressure in both the offense and defense was to a certain extent mouthwatering and exciting for all eyes to see. The first goal was a stabbing free kick from the right that flew over Treptow’s static defensive line where Yildrim only needed to nod in the ball form close distance. The goalie had no chance, and Hansa already took the lead after only 13 minutes.

Wichmann allein vorm Tor.

As previously mentioned, the ball kept rolling and the passes were crisp. Hansa’s defense was hardly tested in the first periods of the half. This made things a bit easier for the offensive line to play out new ways of penetrating Treptow. Not long later de Gyves was sent through with a clever lob over the defensive line from captain Wichmann, and the midfielder only needed to lift the ball over the on rushing goalkeeper with his left foot, which he successfully executed. It was a well-deserved lead for Hansa; and there was still no sign from Treptow’s offensive department.
Yildrim was apparently having a good day that day, because he added another goal for Hansa in the 40th minute. The game stood at 3-0, a score worth mentioning, especially since our home record was less than satisfying this current campaign. At the 44th minute, Treptow managed to capitalize on a defensive lapse and slipped in a goal right before half time.

Immer locker bleiben, auch wenn gerade ein Gegentor gefallen ist.

The second half started off fresh, and Hansa pulled the strings in midfield, pushing for the 4-1. Which eventually did arrive in the 55th minute, scored by no other than … yep, you guessed it, Yildrim, who was on a hattrick, backed by a strong team showing their quality in the masses with their passing play and determination to improve the home record. Treptow’s situation worsened when one of their players was given his marching orders not long later.

To the neutrals, a 4-1 lead with only 10 players left to play against, the game was clearly more than over, and should be easy to bring home. To the neutrals, who have never seen or witnessed the psychological effects such a situation could have on a team like Hansa. Because with 10 players left to play against, Treptow held on strong and fought back double so hard. It was a wave of attacks that Hansa could all of a sudden not deal with. The passes were not met, or went astray. The ball was constantly hoofed into the air. And the manner in which the team played was at times frustratingly naïve. The box of ball tricks was opened without any positive effect as frustration only grew. Players closed an eye to their responsibilities and only played forwards individually. In the 76th minute Treptow scored their 2nd, from a free kick that only needed to be nodded home from close distance.

Ender, Akrobat schöööööööööööön.

Now the game got nervy. The ball kept being kicked into the air for no particular reason. The more experienced players in the team could not think straight anymore, and could not keep the team together. This only made the opponent stronger, throwing everything at Hansa. Every 2 minutes, a Hansa player would ask the referee how much time there was left to play. Every wrongly placed pass was not forgiven, but critiqued. With every minute that went by, the game got nervy. The last 5 minutes felt like forever, especially when one team could not play football anymore as a team.

Luckily it was the referee who saved Hansa from total humiliation, and this only at 4-2! The final whistle blew and a sigh of relief, off and on the pitch was clearly heard. Players shook their heads in disbelief. How could a 4-1 lead get so nervy? Why did the team react so negative to a clear lead? Why do we tend to think criticize, and analyze our mistakes so much and not just go on with the game? Why am I asking so many questions?

Whatever it is, we should be happy that we can still have such weather in November, happy with a big amount of supportive fans, and happy for home wins on such a beautiful Sunday. We should be grateful for the quality of football each Hansa player brings to the team. There is no “I” in TEAM, it is the team effort that brings the results; we win together, we lose together.

Freundschaft hin, Freundschaft her. Hanser!

Aufstellung: Mann – Vissers, Kökyaprak, Rauch – Kopocinski, Ersoy, Akdogan (60.Abraham) – Duman (82.Karayel), Wichmann, Jeannest de Gyvès (70.Ciftci) – Yildirim

Tor/e: 1:0 Yildirim, 2:0 Jeannest de Gyvès, 3:0 Yildirim, 3:1, 4:1 Yildirim, 4:2

Karte/n: Vissers (gelb/Foulspiel)

Spieler des Spiels: Hattrick hero Yusuf Yildrim. Scoring enough goals, creating the high lead that helped avoid the total collapse that could have happened during the run of the game.